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Make THEM stronger

Empower your sales people with the ability to convince. Put an end to the blahblahblah presentations which go on and on, leading nowhere.


The trap of habit

Instinctively, your sales team will present your products or services, using overloaded visuals, an overly ordinary presentation plan and vocabulary that is sorely lacking in impact.


This makes it difficult for them to convince potential clients, who simply don't see what makes your service “special.” At the end of their meeting, they say something to themselves like "well, it went pretty well," and not, "I created a real connection with him, it was great."

Make them

Well you tried but...

You may have brought your sales reps together, to give each other feedback in order to improve their presentations. You may have asked your marketing department to lighten the content of their visuals. But you find these efforts don’t lead to much improvement.


This is quite normal: among colleagues, it can be difficult to give honest feedback. Often, no one dares to tell another that what they are doing is "bad" or lacks the ability to give helpful suggestions for improvement. Your marketing department will continue to make visuals that are too heavy in content, until they are trained to create impactful visuals.


Since 2016, I have been supporting sales teams in improving their presentations. I continue to train the sales representatives of large banking groups, as well as innovative start-ups.



With Make Them Stronger, we write sales presentations that focus on customer needs to highlight what really differentiates you in your market. I train them to create clear and effective visuals.


Their sales presentations will naturally turn into friendly discussions with highly interested clients.

WE make them stronger

Your salespeople will grow more confident. They will see their client meeting as an opportunity to convince, and will be keen to seize this opportunity.


It works because I give them concrete, cognitive science advice that they can apply immediately. I adapt to their personality, because everyone can be convincing in their own way.


Do you have a team to coach?

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