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Prepare memorable speeches that accelerate the growth and awareness of your business, without spending hours on it. 


Fear of speaking

When you have to speak, you go backwards , the ball in your stomach. You constantly relive this frustrating feeling of speaking without being understood , of not capturing the attention of your interlocutors when you have strong messages to convey.


So you are not seizing all the opportunities available to you to promote your company and its expertise. No speaking out is approached with the energy with which you grow your company.

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It is never enough

Unfortunately, rehearsing presentations with your internal teams doesn't help matters, nor does asking for feedback from those close to you, on the contrary.


This is normal: preparing powerful messages requires a broad mindset, a certain creativity, but above all it is an expertise in which neither your colleagues nor your relatives have been trained.


You and Me is the preparation of messages that will allow you to captivate your audiences while maintaining your authenticity. 

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It's you

This preparation will allow you to quickly enjoy public speaking without racking your brains, trying to figure out how and what to say.


You will finally feel that your speeches serve the interests of your company, while creating strong connections with your audience.

It's me

Trained in Dale Carnegie's methods, I have assisted over 150 business leaders in writing and preparing their speeches. Since 2016, I have been training managers and sales teams to turn their oral communication into a powerful tool for success.

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You and Me

“You and Me” allows you to clearly communicate what drives you. Alone on stage or in front of your interlocutors, you feel in your place and can see in their eyes that they follow you from A to Z and that they like it.

And it has been working for years because:

The effectiveness of You and Me lies in its degree of personalization. It's you and me, so we write content made for you that aligns with your personality and supports your business purposes.


We focus on areas of improvement that are specific to you and allow you to stay authentic in front of others.


Do you have an upcoming speech?

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